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Alternative Medicine
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About the method
For centuries, humanity was aware of the non-traditional healing modality, primarily based on magnetic and bio-energy fields. The pathway to healing is uncertain, however, even co...
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I would like to thank Lev for kindly helping me while he visited Australia. I had been suffering from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for over
Allison., Melbourn Australia,2008 Jan
Lev Braverman cured me after I had an acute headache for more than week. I went through all the medical tests in hospital including spinal punctio
Polina R. Tel Aviv Israel,2007 Nov
Lev, Thank you very much for saving my life! In 1999 I had a heart attack. I was brought to the hospital and had an emergency surgery. I had two stint
Lev L., West Hartford CT, USA,,1999 Mar
I was lucky to be able to be a grateful recipient of Lev Braverman’s assistance over the years. Once, I was urgently hospitalized secondary to massi
E.S. Tallinn, Estonia,2005 Mar
In 1999 I was diagnosed with low-grade fibrocarcoma of soft tissues. In 2005 the suffering became enourmous and I could not sleep. Several session
Dimitri P., Tel Aviv Israel,2005 Mar
Lev, Thank you very much for saving my mother's life! When she was 82 years old, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and recommended surgery. Surgery
Lilya L., West Hartford CT, USA ,2007 Aug
Four and a half years ago, I was kicked in the face by a horse. This left me with a badly wounded eye and the bones around it shattered. I had five su
Т., Linaju,Corsica,,2008 Aug
My name is
Anna, Kiryat Gat, Israel,2013 Aug
I was involved in severe industrial accident in December 2009 and consequentially suffered extensive trauma to the lumbar area of the spine. Leonid, Yehud, Israel,2013 Aug
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List of conditions
The list of conditions that I treat:

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    Treatment process
    Each individual treatment session lasts 30 minutes and does not involve physical contact.....
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    Learning course
    Development of Healing and Creative Abilities

    The goal of the course is ...

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