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Lev Braverman Healing Biotherapy!
About the method
For centuries, humanity was aware of the non-traditional healing modality, primarily based on magnetic and bio-energy fields. The pathway to healing is uncertain, however, even conventional medical practitioners and authorities do acknowledge the therapeutic efficiency of the healing intervention.

About Lev Braverman

By utilizing his extrasensory perception, energy healing practitioner Lev Braverman has been successfully diagnosing and healing people for the past 33 years, employing treatment modalities that he developed and refined over the decades, which include intervention for those conditions where conventional medicine is frequently powerless. Patients come to experience the difference from their long-term conditions from the US, Canada, former Soviet Union and Western Europe. Mr. Braverman's skills were evaluated at Beillinson Medical Center (Petah Tikva, Israel), which determined his diagnostic skills to be very accurate.
Lev practices in two offices in Gush Dan, in Tel-Aviv and in Rishon.

The range of conditions treated

The range of conditions treated by Braverman can include but not limited to: cardiovascular, oncological, headaches, allergies, epilepsies, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and many others.
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